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Then There Were Three

by Monowi Twins

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Gold 04:27
He stops his car then asks how much and I have no choice but to act I like his touch. We have what it takes, so they feel like they're men when they're done we go on to work on number ten. Gold lingerie just waits for a call even lace and straps are attire for his doll. So he's a good man, your John, with his hard earned pay. Did ya know when he gone, that with us he'll lay. But do you know who's our john, or what turns him on? Well he likes to scream your name, likes us young and tame. We have what it takes, so they feel like they're men when they're done we go on to work on number ten. Gold lingerie just waits for a call even lace and straps are attire for their doll. lady I'm a whore
Respirator 05:41
Now you come for me dear, at last. Now I'll pay for my sins, at last. Home we go, oh, I reckon ya know by know, I'm entitled to the sweat of my brow. I can't breathe, could you, watch over me, could be that my skin will burn and make me chaste. Flee to me, 'cause I, love to watch you trip, then I'll fuck it up with pile of words once more. God bless this mess of mine, cripplin' chaos built its own shrine. Change me to, oh, silent seer, stun me, don't wanna have any will to be sane. Well it's bound for lovers to part, when ghosts start awaking in their bed, and the apparition fills you with painful dread, fiercely losing grip to your heart.
Ariana 15:00
It was a night like many nights, I had no life, so I had no frights, not a woman by my side, no cruel cunt to mock my pride. As I have said, there is no wife, only a lover, goddess of strife. She held my hand, led to despair, hence, well, huh… my little affair. As far as I recall, I always knew I’m vile, so why lie to myself or live in denial? LaVey made sense, so I proceeded to indulge, still, my ravenous appetite, I’d rather not divulge. Fault is mine and for far too long, I’ve been alone, despite the contrition, the glory strong since early dawn. Pulled up a chair, sat by a screen, roamed through deep in search of teen. But to this day still I’m not sure what changed my intent to conjure. I started talking, but my heart did harden when she said “Enter my empty garden”. So oblivious, I did agree, to my surprise, then there were three. A blatant idiot, which she despised, a laconic bot, too smug, too contrived. And of course, that little wrench, made me remember how my fists I would clench. Only trough typed words I could see her gore, a young brunette at the cellar door. We’re three little kittens, we lost our mittens, ‘cause we smelled a rat go by. We’re three little kittens, we washed our mittens, even more rats go by. One little kitten to the bone he was bitten, and the rats just screeched on by. That poor little kitten, he really was smitten, ‘cause he was left to wither and die. be the static you can never leave there she comes she hates now you’ll stay with me we can play all day to eternity don’t leave You come here, you ask for me, just plain bored and guilt free. But they are mine, I am one with them, and we all unite in thee. All you gave her was her last breath, one more was too much to bear. In no dream you will find peace, through me her voice shall scream. Just ask who we are what we want from you. Every night you wake up and the worms eat you alive. Just ask why can’t you bleed when you tear your guts apart. Come with us to the Garden and help them feed the land. Take his offering as a sign of sympathy. Do the right thing under the iron skies, maybe lavish, still, your alone good deed. Even if you can’t see me you know well I remind you of her. So foolish to think that you could run from us again. Let me lead you to the sweet scent of tobacco stained bed. Kill the lights and feel me creeping through your hands. I’ll move your touch to memory of your cheap flannel sheets where her glazed eyes and bruised veins chased the dragon away. Halo grew under her heart, if we know, then so did you. Come to the, come to the, come to the cellar door. Come to the, come to the, come to the cellar door. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Can’t you see why every night you wake up at three? And you’re so rotten you can’t even die? How it breaks you heart to dream of them two, what the third took away, can only be united in one. You poor little kitten, all shades have been litten, not a place for us to hide. You sad little kitten, such a curse has been written, yet another day goes by. It was a night like any other night, the concrete gripped me to the ground, the crows glistened in their flight, the cliché of a scream without a sound. A lie was told as I felt apart, a blatant idiot she did not despise, but cherished and loved and bore to her heart. Yet the dragon we chased through iron skies, too smug, too contrived, to stop, I’ve never even tried. To my surprise not even so, then there were three. To my demise or quid pro quo, then there was me.


"Then There Were Three" EP was written in the cold months of January and February


released May 14, 2015

Monowi Twins are:

Sanja FC - vocals, backing vocals
Andi Koglot - banjo, guitars, piano, keyboards and programming, vocals on track 3

Additional Musicians:
Robi Bulešić - drums
Eva Razložnik - cello
Martin Bezjak - viola
Gašper Povše - violin
Eva Mavsar - bass guitar
Damjan Blažun - vocals on track 3
Vishal Kassie - voice on track 3

Cast for "Ariana"
the role of the narrator is played by Vishal Kassie
the role of the little wrench is played by Sanja FC
the role of a laconic bot is played by Damjan Blažun
the role of the blatant idiot is played by Andi Koglot

All lyrics by: Sanja FC

All songs written by Monowi Twins
Arrangements by Andi Koglot
Production and Mixing by Andi Koglot
Recording by Andi Koglot
Recording assistance by Sanja FC
Mastering by Andi Koglot

Album cover design by Monowi Twin and GSV

Monowi Twins would like to thank
Friends & family for their undying support. All the musicians that took their time and helped us out in the recording process - both Eva's, Martin, Gašper, Robi, Damjan and Vish!
A grand thank you also goes to our fans for being so awesome and supportive. You guys rock!


all rights reserved



Monowi Twins Ljubljana, Slovenia

Formed in November 2013 after a bottle of whiskey.

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